Tweaker for Outlook Express

Tweaker for Outlook Express 1.0

Added customization of settings and dialogues for Outlook Express
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Tweaker for Outlook Express is a small freeware program that allows you to customize Outlook Express a bit more. The added customizations are grouped under either Outlook Settings or Outlook Dialogues. Some of the changes that you are able to make include: change where the Address Book is stored, turn off the splash screen, block executables, or hide the Hotmail tab from the menu.
Other more frivolous customizations that you can do are: change the small animated logos of both Outlook Express and Internet Explorer, change the database location where messages are stored, hide or show attached images, change where message attachments are stored, etc.
If you are not satisfied with the customizations you can quickly return to Outlook Express' default settings by just clicking the Restore Default button.
For the ultimate control freak, Outlook Express Tweaker might be a god send, but I was rather underwhelmed by the program and its mostly frivolous customizations. To me, the most exciting part of the whole program was finding the Restore Defaults button!

Miranda Gerber
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  • Added customize Outlook Express


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